BNI Application (PDF)

Become a proud BNI NSW North Coast and New England memberWe invite you to submit an application for BNI NSW North Coast and New England chapter membership to lock out your competitors, upon your acceptance in the chapter. 

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NOTE: This is NOT an online application.
Please see the notes below.  

1. Complete every interactive field on both pages.
2. Print and sign the completed application. You should also print a copy for your records.
3. Submit both signed and completed membership applications, along with payment, at the chapter you wish to join.

The investment to join BNI is shown below: 
1. Registration: $572
2. Membership:
a. Option 1. $1,122 for 12 months membership, or
b. Option 2. $2,244 for a two-year membership.

Therefore, the initial investment to join BNI is $1,694 for 12 months or $2,816 for 24 months.

Your application will be reviewed by the Chapter's Membership Committee, and you will be notified of the status ASAP.

Submitting and/or paying for your membership does not imply acceptance to BNI. All applicants must be reviewed and approved by the chapter membership committee in order to be a BNI member.

For more information contact the BNI NSW North Coast and New England office at 0419 233 067, or send email.

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